Our Story

Our Story

Our Mission Statement:

Theatre of NOTE is a democratic ensemble of L.A. theatre artists dedicated to creating high-caliber, original work that challenges its audience and its members.

Our Values: 

  • Theatre of NOTE stands for an ability and willingness to take artististic risks. 
  • We find a strong sense of communal self in our generosity, integrity, respect, diversity, and the democracy of our organization. 
  • We choose plays that illuminate universal truths of emotional honesty, passion, and humanity through theatrical extremes. 
  • We are committed to bringing world premieres and new playwrights to our stage.
  • We maintain a safe and professional artistic environment in which we can risk, express, learn, and flourish while working in many capacities with fellow visionary theatre artists on challenging premiere theatrical works. 
  • We treat our company members and guest artists with respect, encouragement, love, and support for each other's artistic growth, vision, and experience. 
  • We welcome our audiences with enthusiasm, intelligence, and a desire to share the best of what NOTE has to offer.

Theatre of NOTE FAQ

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, feel free to email us.

NOTE Basics

Theatre of NOTE is a non-profit democratic company that stagedives the arena of the theater 
arts. Founded in 1981, our ensemble-based organization is dedicated to providing a creative environment in which to collaborate on and develop maverick theater. 

NOTE produces an average of four mainstage shows a year, with a focus on world, West Coast, California and Los Angeles premieres. NOTE also produces the famous annual Hollywood Performance Marathon, the NOTEworthy new play development workshops, and our educational outreach program the Young Writers Project. 

NOTE has earned consistent commendation from the Los Angeles press and national acclaim from such publications as American Theatre magazine, as well as dozens of accolades, nominations and honors from every award-granting theater alliance in Southern California.

Stick your hand in L.A.'s NOTEorious black box theater--you never know if you'll get licked...or bitten.

How do I become a member of Theatre of NOTE? 

Theatre of NOTE holds new member auditions twice a year, but the specific dates vary. To find out when our next membership audition will be held, email notenewmembers@gmail.com. Or, you can send your picture, resume, and cover letter (see below) to: 

Theatre of NOTE 
Attn: New Member Auditions 
1517 Cahuenga Blvd. 
Hollywood, CA 90028

Please include a cover letter requesting consideration for our next company membership audition. Note that while we go through all submissions, we always have a limited number of audition slots available. Priority is given to actors recommended for audition slots by current company members and also to people familiar with our work, so be sure to mention if you have seen at least one Theatre of NOTE production.

How do I submit a play to Theatre of NOTE?

If you would like your play to be considered for our mainstage season, please submit a .doc or .pdf to
Travis York, head of our Production Selection Committee (PSC), at PSC@theatreofnote.com.
Please note that scripts without TITLE PAGE, CHARACTER/SETTINGS DESCRIPTION and PAGINATION will not be considered.

If you would like your play to be considered for “NOTEworthy,” our development series of staged readings, check out the NOTEworthy page. Please submit your completed script to NOTE at:

Theatre of NOTE 
Attn: NOTEworthy 
1517 Cahuenga Blvd. 
Hollywood, CA 90028

Does Theatre of NOTE have Internship possibilities?

Yes. Theatre of NOTE is a professional theatre company that works with interns from college and high school arts programs. Email your resume and cover letter to the Artistic & Management Committee.

What is in Theatre of NOTE's season?

Theatre of NOTE typically produces four to five mainstage shows per season along with the annual Hollywood Performance Marathon, the NOTEworthy Play Development Series, and our outreach program, the Young Writers Project. 

Check out our complete lineup on our website by clicking here.

Does NOTE allow non-members to act? Direct? Design? Produce?

All NOTE casting is done from within the company membership. Occasionally we have a casting need which, for any number of reasons, we feel cannot be adequately handled by our current casting pool. In such a case we may go outside the company to cast a specific role or roles, but this happens quite rarely and must be approved by the company at large at one of our monthly company meetings. 

All the other myriad jobs that go into creating a production – such as directing, designing, producing and stage managing – can be and often are filled from outside the company. Indeed we welcome such talent, and consider our guest artists to be a crucial part of the ongoing creative vitality of NOTE. 

Please send your directing, designing, or producing resume to the Artistic & Management Committee.

Can I buy tickets online?

Yes!  In fact an online ticket purchase is the best way to guarantee your seat.  No seat is confirmed unless paid in full. Click here to buy your tickets online.

Can I make a reservation over the phone?

Yes, just call (323) 856-8611 to make a reservation. Please remember, no ticket is confirmed until paid in full, so arrive early to pay for your tickets! The box office opens 1/2 hour before the show.

Does NOTE accept credit cards at the door?

Yes, we now accept Visa/Mastercard.

What is Theatre of NOTE's award History?

Theatre of NOTE has been an award-winning arts institution in Hollywood for 24 years and our acclaim is large, and growing! See the History of NOTE (updates coming soon).